Monday, October 19, 2009

more pictures, and a movie!

I'm so excited to show you a bunch of new pictures. It may help you to be up to speed on the family. First a few pet shots: Bosco with the baby's head band on, and the cat stretching outNext we have a few of Mark working out with his kettlebells. He loves it!
It is not snowing, it is actually the chalk that he uses on his hands.
Mark and I disagree on what hairstyle looks good on him. He LOVES the "high and tight" while I like just a little more length on the top with it short, but not shaved on the sides. He is also constantly changing his facial hair. I've started taking pictures of the various looks of Mark. Vote on your favorite.

Longer hair, side burns, and low beard
high and tight with shaved off sideburns

sideburns and hair on the side of his head are coming in, cutout of beard, and he seems to have lost some eye brows . . .
here we have the flat top with the Wolverine beard
Makayla is ready for Halloween with her cat p.j.s. She positioned herself perfectly with the tail stretched out.

Best of all, the baby laughing: