Saturday, October 16, 2010

fun photos

Here is the tree that Mark cut down. See the previous posting for details

This little kid loves her crib. Cracks me up when she sits in it like she is in prison.

Who knew that she would want to wear Lowe's kids safety goggles. She sported them for about 45 minutes one morning.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

many girls

We found out last week that I'm pregnant with another girl. We are excited that she looks healthy on the ultrasound. I'm imagining a dark haired, dark eye'ed beauty. I'm very happy that I'm not throwing up and not needing the nausea medication like I did before. Today Mark told me that I'm looking pregnant. I still feel like I just look fat. Lovely. Now that I feel better, I'm eating well. Probably too well. Somedays I just feel really hungry. The weight is coming back on without any problems.

Makayla is doing very well. She has made so much progress in the last month, that it is fun to watch her. She is still strong willed about when and what she will do. We try to encourage her to do different "exercises" or practice skills, but she won't do them unless she's in the mood. This makes her physical therapy appointments a bit challenging. Anyway . . about the progress. For about a month now she has been pulling herself up to stand. She loves to pull up on anything and now can reach things that she didn't realize she could get into before. She is getting much better at cruising around the furniture. Last week she surprised us when she just stood up by herself in the middle of the room. She has done it a few times since then, but does like to say "no" when I try to encourage her to stand up. With a little help or a walking toy she will walk around the house. She is still probably about 6 months behind on these gross motor skills, but we are very pleased with the progress.

Her vocabulary is increasing. She even says "meow" and "ruff-ruff" for our pets. It's very cute, if I might say so.

Something must be said about Mark. He got very ambitious last week and cut down a tree trunk in our yard. The rest of the tree he took out months ago, but this trunk required a little more work. He used a combination of a chain saw, ax, and a wedge/sledge hammer to cut the trunk down close to the ground. Although it was a lot of work and took many hours over several days, he says it was fun. Poor guy, though, didn't wear protective gloves or shoes and ended up with some big blisters on his hands and a cut on his foot. When he tried to go to work yesterday with his hands all bandaged up, they sent him home to heal. Bummer. Saved money by doing the tree work himself, and then ended up not being able to earn money at his job.