Monday, August 22, 2011

summer updates

Brynn in the bumbo
Makayla and poor Brynn in this double stroller.

I was allowed to change my work schedule from 4 shorter days to 3 longer days, and the same amount of work per week! Yeah! I'm very excited because it means one less day commuting, one less day for babysitting, although the days when I do work will be longer days.

Hannah and Ashlyn visited for the summer. They love to swim, and this is the time I am glad that we have a pool. The girls were great helpers with younger two.  We had a good time while they were here. 
Makayla is talking up a storm. She is putting more and more words together. It is fun to see her progress. Occasionally, though, I still see her make the hand sign for "more", usually when it is something that she really wants, and it warms my heart. It reminds me of how fast she is growing up.

Brynn is a doll. She is such a good baby. She is smiling and cooing. I took her to get her pictures taken and she was very cooperative, smiling really well. Then the flash would go off and she would startle and grimace, and then smile again. This cycle went on over and over.
Brynn sitting alone at 6 months
first cereal with a spoon, what a mess :)
sitting alone at 6 months, so photogenic
My sister Kammi offered to come and help me around the house, especially with the kids. Oh what a great relief to have another set of hands to help me.
Mark is such a tease!
For Hannah's birthday, we decided to do the big celebration a day or 2 later, when neither Mark or I were working.  He faked that she wasn't getting a party, or a cake, and put a candle in a little no-bake cookie, and sang to her.

Brynn and cousin Daphne (3 mo younger)

Makayla streaking after swimming

Daddy and the girls

Temperatures have hit 115 or so. It is crazy hot. That is when you really appreciate air conditioning.  Our a/c went out, a couple of times. Come to find out that the same day, Aunt Martha and Uncle Richard's as well as my sister Sharon's a/c went out too. We were all sweating it out in the heat. The temp in our bedroom got up to 95 degrees.  When we got these familypictures done, it was 8:30am and already in the 90s.