Friday, February 4, 2011

It's a Girl

Our baby arrived a little early. Brynn Martha Freeman was born Friday 1/28/11, weighing in at 6#11oz, with a length of 18.5 inches. She was born about 3.5 weeks early by c/section. The doctors were worried about some findings on the ultrasound and recommended an immediate c/section. When she was born, their fears were confirmed that there was a vasa previa, a rare but very dangerous situation where the umbilical cord inserts into the bag of water rather than into the placenta. If I was to go into labor or the water was to break, there is a huge risk that the blood vessels would tear, and the baby would bleed out and die. Luckily, were were very blessed to have great doctors and hospital, that we are both safe and well.

Here is a picture of me and Mark just before the c/section
Brynn had a nice strong cry. Not sure who the man in glasses is . . . someone to check the baby
This is a strange angle on the picture, but it is my first opportunity to kiss Brynn.
Later in the hospital when Makayla was able to meet Brynn.
A few pictures of Brynn with her eyes open. Her eyes look somewhat dark blue to me, and her hair is brown.
Brynn joined me and Makayla for story time, reading Makayla's favorite book "Where the Wild Things Are".