Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring update; lots about me and Makayla

I have to admit that I have this little nerdy thing that I do. I've been trying to enter any contest that I can. I realize that I probably won't win everything, but hey, maybe I'll win something. Albertsons is having their Monopoly game and so I'm definitely participating in that. (Call me if you have extra game pieces that you aren't going to use.) I also get online and try to win prizes from Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune, the talk radio station, DIY, and most recently, Coke Rewards. Mark laughs at me because I record Wheel of Fortune to see if my number won. So maybe that seems desperate, but somebody has to win it, why not me?

Not so nerdy thing I did, was that I replaced my dishwasher by myself. Mark was working, and I went for a walk with all 4 of the girls and the dog. We passed a garage sale where there was a dishwasher for sale. I ended up going home, packing up the kids, getting cash from the bank, and buying the dishwasher. They helped me load it into the car, and from there I was on my own. I unloaded it from the car. I removed my old dishwasher, which was actually the most difficult part because it was trapped by the flooring. Finally with the old one out, I moved it to the garage and installed the new one. Most importantly -- It worked! It does a much better job than the old one. Thank goodness.

We celebrated Makayla's birthday on Easter. It was a little after her actual birthday, but she was born on Easter 2 years ago. She was cute about her gifts. The cheap beads that I bought for about $1 were one of the most popular gifts. We also got her some big play toys: a play kitchen and playhouse, which she seems to enjoy playing with. Eating her own cake and icecream wasn't good enough . . . she was happier eating out of the ice cream carton with the scoop.

Then she moved on to eating the rest of mine, using my fork.

Makayla is learning a lot of new words. She tries to say words when asked. A couple days a week she goes to Mexican babysitter, who speaks Spanish, and claims that Makayla understands her. One silly thing she does is nod "yes" by just moving her jaw. I tried to catch it on video and put it on the blog.

She loves to play with Bosco. She has no fear of him. I think he is probably nervous about her, because she will run up to him, hug him, or if he is laying down, she will sit next to him and lean up against him. Here's a video of her playing outside with him.

Makayla has been a bit of a vegetarian lately, not eating much chicken or beef, which she has liked in the past. She'll have hot dogs, though. Surprisingly for her age, she actually loves salad, especially with tomatoes and ranch dressing.

Brynn is growing very well. Although she is still about 25%ile, she just seems to be growing so fast. She is starting to smile a little. I'd like to say more about her, but she doesn't do much else than that, she's only 3 months old :)