Sunday, January 23, 2011

family time and pregnancy

We've had a great month. My sister Sandi and her boys Andrew, 5, and Declan 3, spent a few weeks with us over Christmas. It was fun to have them. Christmas included a video chat with Jeremy, Sandi's husband, who is stationed in Korea with the Air Force. We had fun around the house and enjoying a few sites in Arizona. We also got together with my others sisters who live nearby.
We heated up the hottub several times and enjoyed relaxing. This is Sandi with her boys and Makayla. The pool looked so inviting, that the boys were asking nearly daily if they could swim. Unfortuntately, the water temperature was about 60 degrees before it was heated. They had to try it out a few times to check to see if it was still cold.

Here's Makayla with her cousin Declan, enjoying a moment of peace. They tended to be jealous of each other's toys and such, saying "mine". Makayla even tried to be possessive of her Aunt Sandi, claiming her to be "mine"

This is Makayla (left) and Danielle (right, my niece from my sister Sharon) enjoying a ride at Chuck E Cheese.

Here is Mark giving Bosco his Christmas present.

This is Makayla on Christmas morning, enjoying sitting in her new car.

Makayla loves dolls, and Mark helped her open this cute Cabbage Patch from Aunt Martha and Uncle Richard.

My sister Sharon and I are both pregnant. I'm 10 weeks ahead of her. We are both having girls. My pregnancy is going as expected. I have 4 weeks until my due date. I was spoiled when Makayla came about 10 days early, so we'll see what happens with this one.

Sadly, Mark's grandmother passed last week. Her health had been deteriorating, but it still is difficult. Mark is currently in Pennsylvania for the funeral. Our prayers are with all of his family.
(Interestingly, when I was about this far along in my first pregnancy, my grandmother passed . . . )

I had to include a cute video of Makayla. I love the cute boots with the matching brown skirt. Unfortunately, I seem to catch her right after she does something cute, and she doesn't repeat it.