Wednesday, May 5, 2010

star-gazing, progress on the floor

We had an interesting experience this morning. We went out to breakfast at Mimi's cafe in a nice area of Phoenix called Ahwatukee. As we were sitting down in our booth, I was telling Mark something, and it seemed like he was totally ignoring me. He was looking elsewhere. Then he calls out across a couple of tables, and says, "Thanks for being a Cardinal". This handsome black man replies, "thanks." So . . .what the heck was that? Who is that other man? Apparently he's a linebacker for the Arizona Cardinals football team, I think his last name is Porter. How Mark recognizes him, I don't know. Mark claims that if you watch encough ESPN that they show the guys without all their gear and helmets, so he recognized him. Mark then proceeds to tell me which team he tranferred from, and that Porter wanted to come to Arizona because of the coach here, blah, blah, blah. Of course, as nerdy as we are, we were curious to see what he drives . . . It was an Escalade.

Makayla still does her bootie scoot, now getting all around the house. I took another video of her this week. Check it out. She was evaluated by an early intervention physical therapist today. She qualifies for early intervention with PT visits about every 2 weeks. She showed us some exercises we can work on to first start building some upper body strength.