Sunday, October 16, 2011

Another post in the same month. . . this is amazing

This is a rare thing, that I actually post twice in one month.  I guess that's what happens when I have a quiet Sunday afternoon.  Should be taking a nap instead . . .

There is a media push in the Phoenix area from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  It is the "I'm a Mormon" campaign.  We've seen a few TV commercials and billboards.  I submitted my profile to, but it hasn't been posted yet.  I'll let you know when it gets cleared.  You should check out the website if you haven't already. Lots of videos and profiles.  I'm excited about the campaign.  I've had one conversation about it at work with a co-worker of mine, because I posted a link to a local newspaper ad article on my facebook page.
I was reminded again of the miracle of Brynn's birth.  This last week I had my well woman exam, and my doctor said, "oh here's the famous Karen Freeman".  Because Brynn's placenta was abnormal, which made for an immediate c/section when she was 36 weeks, we became the case scenario around the hospital.  My doctor took pictures of the placenta because it is rare, abnormal, and can cause the baby's death.  She reminded me that the cool thing about Brynn was that she is a miracle of medical technology.  I'm sooooo grateful that God gave us the abilities to check babies, and gave doctors the knowledge of how to take care of us so that Brynn's life was preserved.

Things are going well for me at work.  I enjoy working my 3 days per week.  They can be busy, and I get behind on my charting, but luckily, if I have time at home, I can finish my charting here.  Makayla and Brynn seem to be doing well at the babysitter's, although I think that they just sleep better at home.  I enjoy being able to take care of them for 4 full days per week, and give them the chance to nap well at home. 

Mark's work is still pretty challenging for him.  He just doesn't like it.  I think that helps him with his motivation to move on to another career.  He is in school to become a personal trainer.  He enjoys learning about fitness, and he is applying the knowledge to his own workouts.  He has been losing weight and looking better.  I'm very proud of him.  He gets nervous about the tests at school, and they are challenging for him, so any prayers on his behalf or encouraging emails to him would be much appreciated!

Makayla found some extra sunglasses in a junk drawer, and wanted us to wear them
We are looking forward to Halloween.  Makayla is ready with her Minnie Mouse dress.  I happened to find another Minnie Mouse outfit in Brynn's size, so we will have 2 Minnies for Halloween.  I don't think Makayla really understands what it is all about, but I have a hunch that when the candy starts to fill her pumpkin, that she'll figure out what "trick or treat" means.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

October is here

Brynn is growing up so quickly.  She is a very good baby.  She enjoys playing with her toys and to watch Makayla. 
Getting better at tummy time.
Finally it is Fall.  We are sooo excited for the weather to cool down.  It gets down to the 90s during the day and we feel so lucky.  The cool part, literally, is that the nights are cooling down, which is lovely.  One more month of the heat, I think, and then our electric bill should come down from the $400s.  Yikes. 

My sister Kammi was here for about 2 months.  She was great.  She babysat for us whenever we needed.  It was such a stress relief to have her here.  I enjoyed talking to her and building a relationship with her!  Thanks Kammi.

Makayla really enjoyed Kammi too.  She pronounced her name Kahmi.  It rhymes with mommy.  Then Makayla combined mommy and Kahmi, and call both of us Yommy.  Nice.  Makayla will still call me Yommy sometimes.  I have to stop and tell her to say "Mommy" and she will then say Mommy.

Brynn likes to sit in this corner of the couch. It gives her a good view of both the kitchen and the family room.

I forgot to mention before that in July we purchased a new van.  yes, yes, we've joined all the soccer moms out there.  It is a top of the line Toyota Sienna 2011.  Mark insisted on new, top of the line, if we were going to get a van.  Surprisingly, he says that he loves the van.  I think he just loves all the bells and whistles.  It is really nice to drive, but honestly, I feel a little silly driving something that fancy.  We traded in the Highlander (sad, I miss that car), and we still have the old Civic.

Another thing I forgot to mention in my last post was that the 4th of July was a little silly.  I bought some sparklers for the girls.  I guess Hannah and Ashlyn haven't seen them before, and were acting all scared of them.  It was a bit of a disappointment for me, because it was supposed to be fun, and they didn't even want to hold them at first.  I remember twirling them around and writing my name in the air.  We then piled in the car and went to watch the fireworks.  That turned out much better and the evening ended just fine.

Such a happy little thing

Mark started in school to become a personal trainer.  He is very excited about it.  He enjoys learning and will even initiate study sessions without me harping on him to do it.  The class finishes in December, and he plans to take the national test soon after.  The goal is to get a job as a personal trainer right away and to quit his current job.  He really hates his current job, so he is looking forward to getting a new one, especially in a gym.