Sunday, September 27, 2009

flu and the heat

You would think that the flu (influenza) would only come in the cool weather. Here in AZ it's over 100 degrees and we have lots of swine flu (influenza A) being passed around. I've had several patients positive on the testing, and even my own medical assistant went home early on Friday when she tested positive for influenza A. Mark has been sick today, having a fever this morning, and feeling lousy all day. Hopefully he hasn't caught the flu and will be feeling better soon. The baby has had a stuffy nose all week, but not much more than that. Here's hoping that the antibodies she gets from my breast milk will help to protect her.

Mark is still looking for work. He can get quite discouraged when things don't work out for him. Please keep him in your prayers. We are praying for a job that is right for him and for our family, in a location that will work for us. It's tricky when his daughters live in Utah during the school year, as we would love to live closer to them. If not, then we'd like to live close to an airport where we can go to see them, or fly them to see us.

We finally did it. We bought a King size bed yesterday. We've been sleeping on a queen for a couple of years. Now when we lay on the King, we'll say things like: "what are you doing way over there?" or "you seem so far away." We've been trying to wait on buying a bed until we get into a house. (There are several things on this list of "when we get a house") It got to the point that we just weren't sleeping as well as we would like to.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

We had a week with several "firsts." I was invited to play Bunco for the first time with some friends. It was fun. I really enjoyed the game and the company. I also changed a tire by myself for the first time. We finished watching the first season of the TV series "24"

Makayla had some "firsts" this week. She started growling. She tried some baby cereal on a spoon and gagged. Maybe I'll make it a little thinner next time. (See video, don't mind me with the glasses and PJs). She also slept 10 hours straight!!!! She is now 5 months and is just as sweet as ever. Makayla is starting bite (mommy's favorite ha, ha) and still doesn't like to bear weight. Hopefully that will come soon.

before trying cereal

video of first bites of cereal.