Sunday, January 10, 2010

catching up

time to catch up with lots of news and pictures. I finally just pulled my pictures off the camera, and so I'll share a few to help tell our story.

Here's Makayla's first Halloween.Cute blue eyes with bathtime

This is when you know you should have put the seat belt on the baby . . . (she's sleeping, laying sideways in the swing)

Thanksgiving at Aspen Grove in Provo Canyon, Utah, with my entire family. We had about 40 people for Thanksgiving dinner

Christmas in Phoenix.

Saw the lights at the LDS Mesa temple grounds

Acted out the Nativity on Chrismas EveAshlyn went rollerblading with the neighbor's cat, and her sisterRandomly, the day after Christmas, we went to the park and rescued stray puppy. She was so cute. Probably a cocker spaniel and dachshund mix. Even more randomly, less than a week later, Mark gave her away to a plumber who had come to check some thing at the house. Here'a cute picture of the pup we rescued and help find a good home.

We bought a house in Tempe, AZ. We closed on 12/30/09. It needs some work (flooring, painting, new doors, windows, etc). I'm trying to keep a photo journal of the before and after's. here's a couple.

Mark is getting up the old tile. Notice the sunken family room, which we have since had filled with concrete. Also notice the 2 dogs watching from a safe distance in the back yard.